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The development status of China's manual pallet trucks and where to go in the future

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-11-30

Development status of manual pallet trucks in China

The truck is a light and small material handling machine with simple structure and flexible operation (manual and electric). The products are widely used in workshops, warehouses, open spaces and other occasions. Simple, domestic truck companies have developed rapidly in recent years.

With the rapid development of the domestic truck industry, each production enterprise has made a certain contribution to the society, and has also developed rapidly, and has brought a large number of supporting factories. Judging from the social ownership and demand of trucks, it is expected that the development prospects of domestic trucks will be very optimistic for a considerable period of time, and the export volume will also have a considerable proportion. In the future, it is necessary to continue to strengthen the supervision of the industry, strengthen communication, and pay more attention to the development of new products.

The trucks are available in 1 ton, 1.5 tons, 2 tons, 2.5 tons and other specifications. The output of medium load is relatively high. The total annual output of trucks of various specifications in China has exceeded 80,000 units, of which export volume accounts for about 55%. Since the establishment of the domestic truck industry, the number of production enterprises has grown from a dozen to now hundreds. With the formation of the competitive environment of the truck market, the problem of product quality has become increasingly prominent.

Of course, unlike other industries, one of the characteristics of the truck industry is that there are many small township enterprises, many manufacturers have relatively simple methods, and the quality of products varies from factory to factory. Among various failures, 60% are related to reliability tests, reflecting the insufficient service life of the product.

The product quality standard of the truck is the industry standard of JB3298-83 and JB/ZQ8041-91. In 1992, 14 kinds of products from 14 companies were randomly checked, and the sampling pass rate was only 28.6%. The situation was severe and urgently needed to be rectified and improved. pallet sealing problems accounted for 80% of the unqualified reasons, and low strength of structural parts accounted for 70% (there are two types of prototypes. The problems are integrated into one), indicating two common quality problems of truck products.

In order to grasp the quality level of domestic truck products, safeguard the interests of users, and promote technological progress, the State Bureau of Technical Supervision has carried out quality supervision and spot checks. In 1993, Beijing Crane Institute held a quality summary conference on trucks in Beijing, analyzed various quality problems in detail, and put forward a number of rectification measures, which attracted great attention from various factories. After that, the overall quality of trucks was greatly improved. . In 1994, another random inspection was organized, and the pass rate was 75%, and the overall quality level was significantly improved.

Where will China's manual pallet trucks go in the future?

First of all, the manual pallet truck must further segment the market, design more styles to meet different needs, and consider the characteristics of different industries, such as off-road, agricultural, etc., and cannot be all manual as now. Pallet trucks are almost cookie-cutter and featureless.

Then from the structure of the manual pallet truck, it can completely break the existing design ideas. This product has always been this structure since its birth, can it not be changed? I have invented a pure mechanical pallet truck without cylinders. It has a simple structure and weighs only 15 kilograms.

Then reform from the material of manual pallet truck products, you can try to use stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and even engineering plastics. From the perspective of the carrying capacity of manual pallet trucks, it should develop in the direction of lightweight, and the market share of heavy loads should be given to electric pallet trucks. According to survey data, in Europe, more than 50% of pallet trucks actually carry goods weighing less than 600 kilograms.

The last and most important point is that manual pallet trucks should be separated from the category of logistics handling equipment and develop in the direction of material-assisted handling tools. Once they enter the category of tools, the purchase procedure is very simple, and the sales channels can be more diversified. Hardware mall and tools e-commerce platforms are likely to become the most important sales channels for manual pallet trucks. Of course, in order to become an ordinary tool, the structure should be simpler, the price should be lower, and it is best to be maintenance-free for a reasonable period of use.

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