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The impact of the widespread application of mobile hydraulic lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-01
The principle of the mobile high-altitude lifting platform is to use a hydraulic lifting platform and an electronic integrated manipulator. It is very convenient to improve and adjust the height in time. In view of safety issues, there is generally a non-slip insulating plastic water wave engraving board. The transfer is convenient and all are beautiful and generous. The mobile high-altitude lift platform has a manually movable upper lift platform, an electric high-altitude lift platform, and is also equipped with a manual power-off pump. It has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, convenient operation and heavy weight. There are many varieties of products, which can be roughly divided into hand push type, self-propelled type, traction type and aluminum alloy type. Hand push: The product representative is a hand push platform truck. This kind of lithium pallet truck platform belongs to small and medium-sized machinery, which can use two-phase, three-phase, electric bottle or diesel engine as the power of movement and progress, and explosion-proof motors and electrical equipment can be used in special places. The hydraulic lifting platform is electrically controlled up and down, and operated by manual and electric dual-purpose devices. It can still be used for power failure. Convenient, flexible, safe and reliable. It is mainly used for the display and extraction of goods in large warehouses and shelves. New plan, compact structure, safe and stable. Self-propelled: The product representative has a self-elevating lifting platform. The biggest feature is that the operator can control the drive of mechanical lifting and other work addresses, but does not need to lower the lifting platform, and has the functions of walking and steering driving. It does not require manual traction, and does not require the power of a mobile power supply, making the operation more convenient and faster. It is the high power and safety of modern enterprises. Aerial work equipment. The auxiliary self-propelled hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform has the active function of walking and can be used for different operating conditions. It does not require external power supply or external power traction, flexible movement, convenient operation, and vertical lifting, as long as one person can complete it. Carrying on, going back, turning around, fast and slow travel and low-quality behavior save labor and work. It is especially suitable for large-scale high-altitude operations such as stations, docks, airports, power plants, stadiums, and large enterprises. Now it is the most ambitious aerial work equipment in our country. Traction type: The product representative has two-wheel traction type and four-wheel traction type. Use external power for traction, use trailers or diesel engines as traction power for movement and hydraulic lifting power. This series of lifting platforms have the characteristics of sensitive movement, stable lifting, large load capacity, and convenient operation. They are widely used in factories and grain depots. , Airports, gas stations, agencies, docks, outdoor power, street lamp protection and architectural decoration and other occupations. Aluminum alloy type: product representatives include single-column aluminum alloy lifting platform, double-column aluminum alloy lifting platform, three-column aluminum alloy lifting platform, and four-column aluminum alloy lithium pallet truck platform. The new product is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Because of the high strength of the profile, the deflection and swing of the lifting platform are very small. The mast structure has large bearing capacity, large platform area, good stability, flexible operation and easy promotion. The four-wheel core is beautiful in appearance, small in size, light in weight, stable in balance, safe and reliable. It can be operated up and down. It is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airport theaters, exhibition halls and other places. It is equipment maintenance, paint decoration, electrical appliances, cleaning and protection. Taking into account the convenience of movement, the mobile high-altitude platform, taking into account the high stability, the vast operating platform and the high load capacity, the high-altitude operation is getting bigger and bigger, and it can work with many people. Improve operating power and ensure personal safety.
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