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The manufacturer teaches you how to choose electric forklifts, electric stackers, and electric pallets?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-29
In addition to considering the appearance and performance of the electric forklift when we purchase, some accessories inside the forklift are also our consideration.  1. Safety issues. This is also the most important issue when considering forklifts. All I put him first, life is the most precious!   2. Comparing prices, manufacturers must be much cheaper than sales agents. Manufacturers generally do not directly deal with customers, and they are all looking for agents to buy.  3. The price, parameters, performance, brand and other basic points of electric forklifts must be clearly understood. This can make it easier for us to compare which is better through past experience when buying. 4. Look at the description of the use time, because some illegal businesses will indicate how long it can be used on the label, but it does not refer to continuous work. Then we have to weigh the working time of the electric forklift by ourselves and how to choose it. Maximize efficiency.   5. If you want to buy with high cost performance, it is inevitable to make more inquiries and more. If you are afraid of trouble, you can directly buy good quality.  Basically, memorize these 5 points above, a good electric forklift will definitely not escape your eyes.  Friendly reminder:   Operator safety issues, human operation is a safety hazard. No matter what, personal safety always comes first, so the quality of electric forklifts must not be sloppy. If the brand and quality of the forklift you want to buy must be decent, you can find a brand with a relatively small market share, but it must be backed by forklift production strength and technology. Baoli forklifts are now opening up the market in Hubei, and the price of electric forklifts has advantages over Heli and many other brands. You can think about it. Electric forklifts only introduce the models and configurations of forklifts, but because of different use environments, different workloads, the size of the transported objects, and the height of the lifted goods, the selection of electric forklifts is a complex and comprehensive task. , If the electric forklift cannot be used due to improper selection, resulting in idle equipment and waste, then how to choose an electric pallet truck? Pay attention to the working environment. Electric forklifts and electric pallet trucks have high requirements on the ground. They must be used on hard ground. The flatness of the ground cannot be too different. If the ground is greased or painted, you must choose non-slip when choosing an electric forklift. Type stacker. Pay attention to the workload. Choose relatively matching batteries for different workloads. The user must explain when ordering, and choose the matching batteries according to the workload of the company during production. Pay attention to the volume of the cargo. The size of the goods to be transported will be related to the load center of the fork, and the length of the fork will be related to the carrying capacity of the forklift. Choose the corresponding fork. Pay attention to the size of the channel. The size of the channel will be related to the transformation radius of the electric forklift, which should be explained when purchasing the forklift. How to choose a matching electric pallet truck? Single-sided pallets, double-sided pallets, the length of the up and down slope, etc. and the length requirements of the electric forklift.
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