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The model and configuration of manual forklifts and how to use manual forklifts safely

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-14

The safe use of manual forklifts:

1. The mast must not be deformed and the weld is unwelded. The rolling gap between the front and the inside of the mast should be adjusted properly, not greater than 1.5, and the rollers should be sensitive to rolling. The rollers and shafts should be free of cracks and shortcomings. The wear of the wheel groove should not be greater than 10% of the original size.

2. The tension of the two lifting chains should be even, no distortion or deformation, and the end connection is firm, The pitch of the chain must not exceed 4% of the original length, or the chain should be changed. The sprocket should be sensitive to rolling.

3. The fork frame must not be significantly deformed, and the welding seam must not be welded. The appearance of the fork must not be There are cracks and welding seams. The fork root angle must not be greater than 93 degrees, and the thickness must not be less than 90% of the original size. The height difference between the left and right fork tips must not exceed 3% of the fork length. Fork positioning It should be firm, the supporting surface and positioning surface of the fork hook must not have significant shortcomings, the common gap between the fork and the fork frame should not be too large, and the movement should be smooth.

4. Lifting cylinder and mast The joints should be firm, the hinged joints of the skew cylinder, the mast and the frame should be firm and sensitive, and the common gap should not be too large. The cylinder should be well-sealed, free of cracks, and work bumps. Under additional load, the self-sinking amount of the mast should not exceed 20 min Sister, the inclination angle is not more than 0.5 degrees. The lifting rate should not be less than half of the standard value when fully loaded.

5. Overhead guards and shelves must be completely invalid.

6. It is strictly forbidden to stand at the height of the fork, and it is not allowed to use a single fork to pick up high-overload goods.

The choice of vehicle model and equipment installation generally depends on the following aspects:

1. Job request. The job request of the forklift includes general requests such as pallet or product specifications, promotion height, job channel width, and grade. At the same time, it is also necessary to think about job obedience (different models and their obedience), job habits (such as habit Driving or standing driving) and other aspects.

2. Operational conditions. If the company needs to move goods or stack conditions, there are requirements for environmental protection such as noise or exhaust emissions. When choosing a model and setting up equipment You should think about it. If it is in a cold storage or when there is an explosion-proof request, the installation equipment of the forklift should also be cold storage type or explosion-proof type. Carefully investigate the address that the forklift needs to pass during the operation, and imagine the problems that can be For example, whether the height of the door has an impact on the forklift when entering and exiting the warehouse; when the elevator is paid in and out, the height of the elevator and the impact of the load on the forklift; when working upstairs, whether the floor load can reach the response request and so on.

3. Operating performance. The basic operating performance of forklifts is divided into level handling, stacking, picking, loading, unloading, and picking. According to the operating performance that the company wants to achieve, it can start from the models introduced below. Yes, the extraordinary performance will affect the detailed settings of the forklift, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which require forklift equipment to achieve extraordinary performance.

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