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The necessity of electric forklift overspeed alarm system technology in practical application

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-16
1. Why use a forklift alarm? What benefits can the use of electric pallet truck alarms bring to users? With the rapid development of modern industry, production efficiency, production safety and product quality are all the development of an enterprise, and these three aspects restrict and promote each other. In order to get the best cooperation of these three aspects, the management of the enterprise must invest a lot of energy and time. As an important logistics transportation tool in modern industrial production, electric forklifts are often driven in places where there is a large flow of people in factories. Its safe driving always restricts the operation of other departments, but the management of the enterprise cannot supervise all the time. . How to supervise the safe operation of transportation vehicles such as forklifts in the factory has become a problem for many business management. This system is developed based on this situation. It adopts today’s advanced microcomputer control technology, intuitive digital display, two-level speed detection, multi-level alarm control, and can carry out high-fidelity voice alarms. The set detection speed and voice have Power-down retention function. The function of the system is: 1. The function of the system is: A. When the forklift driver is running at a speed close to the preset speed, the alarm will remind the forklift driver in the form of a warning light flashing. B. When the forklift driver exceeds the preset speed, the alarm will alert the forklift driver by sound. 'Excessive speed, please pay attention! C. When the forklift speed drops to the preset speed, the alarm signal disappears. 2. The advantages of this system are: A. It can reduce the forklift's excessive speed and cause safety accidents and reduce the hidden dangers of safety. B. It can improve the work efficiency and safety alertness of forklift drivers. Non-forklift drivers can judge whether the driver is speeding through the sound and flashing of warning lights. C. The working environment of forklift alarms is not affected by weather and road surfaces. D. Convenient and quick installation. E. Convenient overhaul and maintenance. Second, the forklift alarm system is equipped with digital tubes, buttons, self-locking switches, learning keys, data collectors, buzzers, warning lights, and voice Alarm, etc. 3. The specific operation of forklift alarm is only open to users who have purchased or intend to purchase the system. 4. Which users have obvious safety and early warning effects when using forklift alarms? (1) For those who have ever Users who have safety accidents due to overspeed errors in handling tools. (2) Users who use forklifts in open areas, but with complex and narrow paths, and busy inbound and outbound logistics. (3) Forklifts have a large number of users with different types and models. 4) Users with remote forklifts. (5) Users who need to calculate the overall efficiency of handling tools. (6) Users with safety awareness.
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