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Brief analysis of the standard and working principle of forklift electronic scale

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-23
The electronic forklift scale is a kind of weighing and measuring instrument for loading equipment to weigh the loaded materials during the loading process. The electronic forklift scale can provide the accumulated value of the material being weighed and the printed list. The electronic forklift scale is a vehicle-mounted weighing equipment, integrated with the vehicle-mounted mechanical control part, and realizes weighing while the vehicle is traveling. It uses a proximity switch to monitor the pre-determined weighing position and convert the hydraulic pressure into the weight of the load in the bucket to achieve weighing. It has two different working modes: target mode and accumulation mode. According to the operator's choice, the load can be automatically accumulated or deducted from the target setting value.  Test Standard for Electronic Scales  The unit of measurement used in electronic lithium pallet truck scales should be gram (g), kilogram (kg), ton (t). The accuracy level of the electronic forklift scale should meet the requirements of Y(b) level scale according to the statement of the manufacturer. The nameplate, faceplate or head of the lithium pallet truck electronic scale should be marked with the measurement legal system mark and the measurement instrument mark, and the mark, number and description must be clear and identifiable, firm and reliable. The forklift electronic scale does not allow users to adjust by themselves.  Electronic lithium pallet truck scale measurement requirements   1. The package, appearance, nameplate, and logo inspection of the prototype    2. Check the various devices of the prototype to confirm that they are consistent with the documents provided by the applicant.   3. The nameplate should mark the name of the product, model specifications, manufacturer, factory number, maximum weighing, minimum weighing, graduation value, accuracy grade symbol, etc.  4. Check the reliability of each number key, function key and their combined application according to the operating requirements of the product manual.  5. The technical indicators of the prototype under normal environmental conditions  The use and occasions of the electronic forklift scale       1. The electronic forklift scale enables the vehicle to automatically weigh the materials while loading the materials.  2. Widely used in the control of cargo loading in coal mines, ports, construction and railway transportation. Principle of electronic forklift scale The electronic forklift scale is based on two pressure sensors installed on the oil inlet and return oil circuits of the vehicle boom cylinder to measure the cylinder pressure change during the vehicle boom lifting process, and adjust the speed. The central processor in the on-board instrument automatically calculates to obtain the weight data, and displays the obtained weight on the instrument screen. During the lifting process of the truck, the pressure sensor transmits the signal to the computer for data conversion processing; when the locomotive shovels the cargo, the boom immediately retracts to the starting position, and the forklift electronic scale instantly displays the weight of the cargo; when the locomotive dumps the cargo, The screen displays the cumulative weight; when the tipping bucket is lowered to the starting point, the screen displays the total weight of the cargo.
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