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How much can you save by using aerial work platforms?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-04
No matter on the corner of the street or beside the road, or even in the hanging places of dozens of floors of buildings, we can always see those 'spider-men' who have no special function, bare hands and bare feet, twisted and tied on ladders, scaffolding, and perhaps a few ropes. Take a short step into the air and finish all kinds of high-altitude operations. For these high-altitude operators in the construction machinery profession, approaching the sky is not for leisure, but to end up provocations in the air with complicated obligations. Poverty and Enron guarantee that people will only have the fear of being unbearable at the heights. Every homework is a new adventure. Every time they climb up, they use life safety as a plan. The crisis is hidden and makes people feel cold. The emergence of aerial work machinery has become the patron saint of many aerial workers. Aerial work vehicles and aerial work platforms are presented in the Chinese market with different types and functions. They have been well-known and adopted in the past nearly 20 years, and they have received more widespread attention and increase in the past five years. Some people say that under the ostentation of all career downturns, aerial work machinery, as the only one that has been increasing rapidly, represents the vigor and desire of the profession. However, some people say that although the tide is there, it is a puzzle. The rising inflection point of the high-altitude operation machinery profession is still not enough, and the promotion of all forces is needed to implement and popularize. What are the obstacles to the deployment of aerial work machinery? How will its prospects appear? Aerial work machinery is a kind of work platform that lifts homework personnel, equipment, materials, etc. to a designated position in the air to contain various assembly and stitching Public aerial work equipment for other operations belongs to both public vehicles and construction machinery. It is a kind of primary construction equipment, including aerial work vehicles and aerial work platforms. Because of the lack of strict professional standards, the definitions of aerial work vehicles and aerial work platforms are often equal in terms of titles. According to the rule, all those with a car chassis that can travel on the highway are called aerial work vehicles, and those without a car chassis are called aerial work platforms. They are widely used in exterior wall surface decoration, cleaning and maintenance, insulation wiring and maintenance, fire rescue and maintenance and inspection of large objects (ships, airplanes), street lamp maintenance, mechanized construction operations, etc. From the product point of view, aerial work platforms are typically mobile aerial work platforms in the traditional sense. They are not self-powered and are commonly used outside small buildings. They are suitable for ordinary inspections and have low task efficiency. The second type is a scissor-type aerial platform stacker, which can only go straight up and down, and is used in the decoration of the exterior of the building. The third type is the boom type aerial platform stacker, which is divided into two types: straight boom and curved boom, which can cross buildings and is mainly used in some large-scale equipment. The mobile type should not exceed 11m in actual operation, and none of the tributary models exceed 15m; the scissor type is generally less than 20m; the arm type is generally less than 45m. The widest range of applications, the largest and most concentrated models are between 10 and 20m. From a cost point of view, today’s products for aerial work platforms are becoming more and more diversified. Arm-type aerial work platforms as large as millions of pieces and scissor-type aerial work platforms as small as tens of thousands of pieces can make aerial work safe and secure. Economical. So, how much more cost-effective is the application of aerial work platforms than manual work? After you understand all the different types of aerial work platforms, I believe you will make the most cost-effective choice.
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