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How to lower the high-altitude lifting platform during a power outage?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-03
In life, power outages are a common occurrence, which often brings us some trouble. Such as high-altitude lifting platform. Since the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform uses a motor, it is absolutely indispensable to disconnect the electricity. Especially when there is a power outage during manned and cargo operations, we are often even more at a loss, and if we don't handle it well, there will be troubles. Many people don't know how to deal with this problem when they encounter this problem. In order to avoid the occurrence of this incident during the production of the equipment, a maintenance device was added to the equipment as early as possible. So how can the high-altitude lifting platform be lowered when the power is off? 1. The high-altitude lifting platform is powered off when it is raised, that is, it stops in the original position and will not fall. This is also a kind of maintenance in itself, in order to avoid the rapid drop of the lifting channel due to accidents. 2. But if there is a power outage when there is a man or a load. Then people and things can't get out of space. For this reason, we added a manual pressure relief valve at the time of planning to avoid this situation. Of course, this button can also be used if the button is malfunctioning at the time of use. Generally, this button is around the hydraulic oil tank, and the orientation is not the same for different models.
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